Usifo Ataga: How His Wife Became A Community Mistress For NNPC Bosses


Na because of this Usifo guy den still dey roll out all these yabs.

This evening, I heard the story around this guy and I felt pity for him.
Sometimes, we may not know why people took to certain character traits.. It could be frustration. It doesn’t matter that one is financially liquid.

This guy’s wife left him for Timi Alaibe. You know she works with NNPC. Even now, she still working with Timpreye Sylva after Kachikwu.

I heard that when the romance with Timi Alaibe started, her husband even confronted Timi asking him to leave his wife for him. That Brenda is a household name and official mistress among Timi’s social circle and class.

I understand that the guy and his people have gone severally to ask her back but she refused. That the guy gave up when DNA proved that their last child was for Timi.

They said ordinarily Usifo is a cool guy.
That any trait he’s exhibiting is because of what he’s gone through.
Sometimes, we may not know what people are going through but we’ll be judgemental.

Well, while we have done everything possible to demonize Chidinma Ojukwu, there’s something l have noticed. Write or reveal all you can, some people are convinced deep down them that something isn’t adding up.

They believe, and till now, still insist that there’s an insiders job, that the poor girl is just a fall guy.
There might be an element of truth in it. And, that truth will only be possible if the police wants to do their job. But, l doubt if the powers that be will allow this investigation to flow smoothly.

Ataga Usifo’s wife is very deeply connected and with her connections, she can determine the sound of rhyme for the police to dance. You can only get a true factual statistics on this issue, if foreign investigators are involved.

Take for instance, after just few years as PA within personalities in the government circle, Mrs Usifo was able to make the type of money that was enough to buy a house at Banana Island. It takes like a billion naira and above to get a property around there.

The problem is, she bought the property with her husband’s name. Then, they started having marital issues as stories of infidelity started flying around. One thing led to another, She relocated to Abuja. Let’s say on work related ground.

The distance didn’t help matters and all pleads and steps for reconciliation failed. The lady landlord requested for the papers of her Banana Island property to be handed over back to her. But Mr. Ataga Usifo refused.

The quarrel was on when Chidinma murdered Ataga. As it stands now, no one is going to stand between wife and the property. That’s not even the focus now. Chidinma the bad girl is the focus.
I Am not accusing anyone. I am just saying for the interest of justice widen the scoop of the investigation. Everyone around Ataga is a suspect.

But, knowing what l know and knowing how powerfully connected she is within the corridors of power. I wonder if there will ever be focus on that aspect. But, Ataga who has been long hooked on drugs didn’t help matters. His drug didn’t start when they started having marital issues. It has been there. He was comfortable, but not as rich as being painted.

That Banana Island house was bought in his name to hide the money. Our money, public money. If these people really want to work, they have much more information far more than l do.
Am working on a link. I will keep the world posted on this very issue. I will get to the bottom of it all out the official lies.

The other Chidinma was about cucumber, this one done shock the sugar daddy business industry. What will the next Chidinma do?

(Source: GbetuTV)

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