The ongoing hearing of the case between former senator representing Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District, Godswill Akpabio and his successor Chris Ekpenyong at the election petition tribunal has taken a very dramatic twist. Apart from the inconsistency of figures, confusion, and display of immaturity, Akpabio is trying to play smart, forgetting that others are smarter than him. Who would have thought that Akpabio would be called Ichabod today. The glory departed from him the day he became “nebuchadnezzaric”. That very day he felt he was

Now, to the issue at the tribunal, Akpabio is running away from applying for the voter register. He knows what he did, and he is trying to run away from the truth.
As a good student of mathematics, whatever answer you give is insignificant until you show working to explain how you got the answer. Akpabio has failed to prove how he got the self-made figures he claimed to have had.
Votes Allocated to himself not supported by card reader reports and evidenced on register of voters is what he is parading with.

Voter’s registeris very fundamental in any election and Akpabio is running away from applying for it. The evidence would be very clear with the card reader in place. This is a case of someone who earnestly desires to make it to heaven, but fails to keep the commandments of God.

Why is Akpabio running away from applying for the CTC of the voter register to buttress his bogus figures to determine if there is any relationship between the two variables. The register of voters will actually show the number of persons that were accredited and accredition proves that the people actually voted.

In the case of Akpabio, the voter register in his unit, ward and across his LGA indicates that there was no accreditation but the result sheets he parades himself with contain bogus figures he allotted for himself. Is this not funny?

Akpabio knows that the voters register will expose the scam they perpetuated during the election.
Why will he apply for other things yet he is running away from the significant material that he would have used? He is going about paying his frustrated media hirelings to argue absent of reasoning and intelligence.

Akpabio’s media mountebanks, should forget that INEC is going to give details of how they conducted the election and tell the tribunal what happened through SPOs and presiding officers.

Whatever Senator Chris Ekpenyong’s witnesses say like that of Akpabio, the umpire’s account gives better evidential value to clear testimonies of both petitioner(Akpabio) and the respondents(Ekpenyong)

The law says whether they ( party agents) sign or not the register, it’s not material.

So while they’re spreading their junk media reports, they should know that Akpabio remains the former senator and he’ll go nowhere.

During proceedings at the tribunal, last week, Counsel to the 2nd respondent, Solomon Umoh cross examines PW18(Senator Godswill Akpabio).

He admits that for him to have won an election he should have won the most valid votes after accreditation.

He also claims that results from polling units were not complete

He further identifies his picture on the voter register, but says it isn’t what was presented on the election day.

There was a heated exchange of words between him and counsel to 2nd respondent, which sparks sharp uproar in the gallery.

It took the intervention of the chairman of the tribunal to calm nerves.

This explains the inconsistency in the figures presented both at the federal high court Abuja and the tribunal.

Please, someone should tell Akpabio to apply for the voters register first. Then, we will start from there.

Richard Peters is a good governance advocate and writes in from Uyo.

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