Great leadership starts with someone who is passionate and versatile about his mission to serve others, and who creates a positive work environment in which his team can thrive. He leads by example, with his values and morals in alignment with the mission of the organization. He inspires his team to share their strengths and creative ideas, and encourages their personal and professional growth.

Here, the Member representing ONNA State Constituency and the Leader of the 8th Assembly, Hon. Sunday Udofot Johnny is one of the great leaders who values the people in his team, delivering praise and recognition, when appropriate, and challenges them to rise to their full potential if productivity declines.

His innate ability to put right-minded people on the bus, sharing the mission and vision of the office, while effectively communicating each person’s role so that everyone feels valued and important to the team is of great interest to him.

Elder Johnny is respected, and is action-oriented with a realistic plan and belief that small tasks done well and consistently create bigger wins and accomplishments.

When working with him, he will make you feel significant to the team, valued for his knowledge and capabilities, supported, mentored, informed, challenged and heard.

The ONNA born lawmaker is open-minded to ideas, and willing to change direction when a shift will help the growth of the organization. He keeps her door open, encourages ideas and feedback, and he is an excellent listener.

He surrounds himself with a loyal support staff and welcomes the help of other great leaders, all in the selfless interest of the success of his team, his teammates, and his organization. Likewise, he is responsible, takes ownership, and has great pride in his team.

The House Leader may be very charismatic or may be low-key in his delivery of information and requests, but he absolutely has integrity, is honest, and has a positive mindset towards others.

A man like Johnny is a hard worker and tries to lead a balanced life, taking care of his health and wellbeing, while being present and available to his family and friends, whom he loves and supports.

He can create a professional, yet family-like atmosphere and work environment that inspires, empowers, and shines the light on others, making everyone feel valued and successful.

Some say great leaders are born, while others step into the role based on life experiences. Either way, Hon. Johnny’s character precedes them and their actions, and human kindness dictates how effective they are to creating success with the organization.

Greetings from the Office of the House Leader, Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly.

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