Hon. Sunday Udofot Johnny is an Akwa Ibom Legislator who has so far demonstrated an unprecedented Legislative acumen needed to execute the functions of law making and Legislative responsibilities in the State hallowed chamber. Long before his emergence as a Lawmaker, Sunday Johnny had always displayed tremendous leadership skills, distinguishing himself as a team player, community builder and social mobilizer for collective interests.

These attributes obviously never went unnoticed and accounted for.

Hon. Johnny was elected by his people as a Member representing ONNA State Constituency in March 2023. He is a selfless, determined, bold and humble gentleman who could possibly be described as a socialite in a contemporary political space, and it was not surprising that despite being a first timer in the hallowed chambers, colleagues deemed him fit to be the Majority Leader of the House of Assembly.

Hon Sunday Johnny’s one year in office as the Member Representing ONNA State Constituency and the Leader of the 8th Assembly have been a robust one, with several activities in and outside the Assembly Chambers.

Away from the four major functions of a Lawmaker which includes: Legislation, Representation, Oversight and Budgeting

Hon. Johnny in one year in office, has sponsored 2 Bills on 4 Motions and they are:

Bills Presented Are:-

1. A Law to Establish Akwa Ibom State Tourism, Art and Culture Endowment Fund (AKSTACEF).

2. A Law to provide for the Preservation, Protection, Restoration and Promotion of Historical Properties, Cultural Heritage and Tourist Site in Akwa Ibom State.

Motions Presented Include:

1. A Call for a Total Ban on Scavenging in Akwa Ibom State.

2. A Call for Intervention on the failing 5.4km Ikot Akata-Ekop-Ntan Ide Ekpe-Ikot Edim Udofot road.

3. A Call on Akwa Ibom State Government to Provide Residential Quarters and Improve the Welfare Package of Medical Doctors in Akwa Ibom State.

4. A Motion to Enforce Anti-Grazing Law.

Some of the Social Responsibilities undertake by the House Member Include:

Opening of Constituency Office with two Office Assistants and a Security.

Repairing of vandalised Transformer at Afaha Atai, ONNA L.G.A

Giving Educational/Business grants to over fifty individuals across ONNA L.G.A.

Distributed 300 Mini bags of rice and 2 Million Naira Financial support during the Yuletide.

Ongoing Rehabilitation of Borehole with a new Solar Power System.

Donation of 5 Million Naira to ONNA Women for the Multipurpose building support

Names of persons that gainfully employed in Akwa Ibom State Civil Service through Hon. Sunday Johnny Are:

1. Comfort Daniel Sunday- House of Assembly Service Commission
2. Imoh Ukpong Emmanuel – House of Assembly Service Commission, Junior Staff
3. Ekerete Udo Sam- State Budget Office Governor’s Office Annex
4. Christian Udo Udofot- Ministry of Health,
5. Mfon Obong Akpan Jones- State Library
6. Ubong Umoh Monday- Technical School Ikot Akata
6. Gabriel Udoh Edward- Technical School Ikpa
7. Kufre Akpan Titus- Technical School Ikot Ayan
8. Denis Udoh Johnson (SUBEB) Primary School Ikot Edor
9. Imoh Emmanuel Inyang- West African Venture (Rigger)
10. Kufre Eyens State Technical School,
11. Jones Jeremiah Jones-State Technical School Abak L G.A
12. Imaobong Linus- Ministry of Science, Senior Level
13. Idong Christian Inyang – Akwa Ibom State College Of Education
14. James Ufot James- Akwa Ibom State College of Education
15. Blessing David- House of Assembly Service Commission (Junior Staff)
16. Ekemini Phenson Etukudo -Ministry of Youth and Sports (Senior Level)
17. Mr. Aniedi Asom- Akwa Ibom State College of Education
18. Ekaette John Tom- Ministry of Health
21. Sunday Akpan Emah- Government Technical School Mbioto
22. Naomi Victor Dickson – House of Assembly Service Commission (Senior Cadre)
23. Victoria Abasiubong Tom, Lecturer, College of Education. Afaha Nsit
24. Wisdom Idongesit Effiong, Civil Service, Governor’s Office, Anex. (Junior Cadre).
25. Mr Aniedi Asom, Lecturing, College of Education.
26. Mr Idongesit Inyang, Lecturing, College of Education
27. Mr James Ufot James, Lecturing, College of Education
28. Anthony Paulinus Eyo- Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly ( Junior Staff)
29. Abasi Ofon Uko-SUBEB Pension Office.

As the second Legislative year begins today, the Lawmaker is believing to do more in order to impact positively in the lives of ONNA people.

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