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The naysayers are those who are always opposing decisions taken by the legislators during a plenary of the legislatures, and this is a common practice all over the world, which is expected. While in a general knowledge, they are those who say “NO” to any action taken by individuals, organization, government, etc…that are not considered appropriate.

In the case of Hon. David Lawrence, and his second term bid,the so call naysayers, who are hiding under the shadow of others to sponsor campaigns of Calumny against the Lawmaker, are wrong and do not have any reason to sustain their stand.

It is very obvious that some selfish politicians who are lobbying to be appointed as commissioners from Eket Local government, are behind all these campaign of the naysayers on the second term of bid of Hon. David Lawrence, because they believe that if he is reelected to represent the people, it will disrupt their selfish plans of trying to sacrifice the effectiveness of the lawmaker on the alter of their greed.

Recently an article was published in the media ,both online and prints, with the headline” FRESH HURDLES FOR DAVID LAWRENCE AS STAKEHOLDERS REJECT SECOND TERM AMBITION, SAYS EKET WON’T JETTISON EXISTING ZONING ARRANGEMENT IN 2019″. Those who came up with such a story to mislead the people, are political jobbers,who were paid to carry those lies,than tell the people the real truth about the zoning of the State Constituency seat,and the fact that all the zones in Eket local government, as far as the State constituency is concern,have all taken their own turn to represent the people,of which the tenure of Hon. David Lawrence is the most effective of all,since the return of democracy in 1999,as far as PDP is concern.

The ignorance and selfishness of the sponsors of such story,which according to the report emanated from a meeting that was held on February 25,2018,at Okon, was so clear, that the effective performance of Hon. David Lawrence is a threat to their lies to the people.

Come to think of it, who and who attended the meeting, if the story and the intention was plain?

I think all these campaign of calumny by those who think their use of ” mbiam” is no longer working, thereby resorting to media attack and blackmail on Hon. David Lawrence, a reputable lawmaker, who is working hard to ensure that the people are carried along in his activities, are very unnecessary. Eket people should be allowed to choose who represents them.

In another development, it was also reported in the media that some faceless people who claimed were youths of Okon clan had written to Governor Udom Emmanuel, insisting on zoning, which they claim is zoned to the clan, as somebody from the Urban zone, the current member representing the area, is going to complete the urban zone in 2019.

The question is, has all the zones in Eket local government taken their turn at the State house of Assembly? If yes, why cant the zoning start over with Hon. David Lawrence, who is returning as a ranking member,and one who is having a cordial relationship with the State Governor,who by the grace of God is from Eket senatorial district, to continue to attract the attention of the Governor, by extension the government to the State constituency, as he is currently doing.

The remodeling of the Eket Stadium and many laudable projects attracted to the Constituency by Hon. David Lawrence as result of his support and faith in the administration of Deacon. Udom Emmanuel, will remain a remarkable one.

The youths who are being sponsored to write all manners of negative stories about Hon. David Lawrence, should also create time to tell the people about the scholarship program the lawmaker has carried out for his constituents in secondary schools,as well as the tertiary institutions. The provision of school desks and chairs to primary schools in Eket to,thereby making teaching and learning interesting for the students.

The naysayers who have seen the light in the representation of Hon. David Lawrence, and wish to support darkness ,especially in a time like this,that the Governor is also from the senatorial district,should think twice. In those paid article to paint the lawmaker in bad light before the people,none of the youths or acclaimed elders ,talked about the construction of an ultra modern civic centre and the ICT training centre at Idua road Eket,courtesy of the member representing Eket State constituency in the Akwa Ibom State house of Assembly, for the training of the Constituents.

But in times like this,I know that the men and women,who have so far benefitted from the capital and interest free loans for small scale businesses, issued by the lawmaker, in his own way of reporting progress to his people and empower his constituents, are making progress and will forever remain committed to the representation of Hon. David Lawrence.

Sometimes i ask myself,When will the naysayers sponsor a story to tell the people, that the lawmaker recommended over 15 of his constituents for skill acquisition training programmes in pipeline and Argon welding, safety and defensive diving programmes, automobile repairs,catering/food processing,solar energy technology, paint productions and many others.

Government is a work in progress,and I believe soon,those naysayers who are opposing the second term bid of Hon. Lawrence, will tell the people about the allowances he has been paying to over 30 of his constituents monthly, from June a few weeks after he took over office in 2015, till date. They will also come out to tell the people that it was through his reboust representation that he initiated the construction of Eket Modern market.

Those whose house rents,hospital bills,funeral, wedding, child dedication and other bills,which became a concern to the lawmaker ,where he subsequently paid, and their burdened lifted ,will not forget the representation of the lawmaker in a hurry.

The over 20 constituents Hon. David Lawrence recommended for employment at NCE in SUBEB, 14 constituents recommended for employment at Civil Defense Corps,5 constituents recommended for gas and oil servicing company in Baker Hughes Nigeria limited Lagos, over 15 constituents that were trained on tailoring scheme, and others ,will say,yes Eket State Constituency have a representative at the state house of Assembly, and one good turn deserves another.

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