PRESS RELEASE: The Inconsequential Politics Of Calumny Against The Nsit Ubium Local Government Chairman

It has been brought to the notice of the Executive Chairman of Nsit Ubium Local Government, Hon. (Elder) Udemeobong Bassey of series media attacks on some personalities in Nsit Ubium, particularly, The Member Representing Nsit Ubium State Constituency at the State House of Assembly.

According to some information gathered from different angles, the above blackmails are claimed to be sponsored by the Local Government Chairman who in their purported claims, are drawing this attacks so to use it and prepare their political grounds. This is nothing but a cheap blackmail from the pit of hell.

The psychopaths and lacklusters from all indications are desperately and relentlessly striving to render the Honourable Chairman politically incapacitated. This, they’ve moved to cause rift between him and the State House Member, and major stakeholders from the Local Government Area. So, the news of the Chairman sponsoring a media blackmail or attack against anyone from Nsit Ubium is nothing but set out plan towards smearing his character publicly.

To further ridicule the Chairman’s political career, thereby sending him on a political complicated exile, the perpetuators of this scandalous strategized plan have also conceived to provide doctored screenshots of chats purportedly claiming to be his conversations with a woman. The intention is to make these screenshots go viral on the social media platforms so he could either be avoided by his teeming supporters, or be seen as an unfaithful and compromised Public Office Holder.

For the purpose of setting the records straight, we want to state here emphatically that:

The Local Government Chairman, Hon. Udemeobong Sylvanus Bassey has never conceived any dissatisfaction in his State House Lawmaker, Barr. Otobong Bob prior to his discharge of duties as his Lawmaker. As a matter of fact, the Chairman was part of those who alongside other stakeholders campaigned for the emergence of Hon. Barr Bob during the nomination and the unit to unit tour and can attest that he (Barr Bob) is an eloquent speaker, he has also in several occasions applauded the Lawmaker in his effective start of representation and strives toward empowering the youths through the skill acquisition trainings initiated by him, and his call on the Akwa Ibom State to intervene in the collapsed bridge and roads in some part of Nsit Ubium. So there wouldn’t be any need for sponsoring a media attack against one who has performed very well at a start.

The Local Government Chairman has never perceived in his mind to become the political leader of Nsit Ubium, he’s not also interested in taking over from Barr. Otobong Bob. The Chairman is interested in partnering with all elected and appointed political office holders in delivering effective representation, accountability and eradication of poverty as the Executive Chairman of Nsit Ubium. The distractors should leave him to focus on his resolutions.

Lastly, the Chairman has never had any conversation of whatever with any woman or engage the service of anyone without proper negotiations, neither has he partner with anyone to attack any political office holder in Nsit Ubium LGA or anywhere and he’ll never do such. They should be rest assured that any act of making public any unauthentic materials as regard the Chairman’s conversation with a woman or partner with anyone to attack the public officers would not be tolerated.

At this juncture, I want to advise the people of Nsit Ubium Local Government Area, and indeed the public to disregard the already circulated false information by the rumormongers. The Chairman is in his honor and will never indulge in such act.
Whosoever want to curry favor from anyone to build his political ground or aiming to become the local government chairman should go by the rules of the game and not by trying to cause unnecessary tension or strive between the united Nsit Ubium people.


Hero Akpata
Special Assistant to the Chairman
Media and Publicity

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