By Raymond Alphonsus

Akwa Ibom State First Lady Deaconess Martha Udom Emmanuel and founder of Family Empowerment and youth reorientation program (FEYReP) has touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of Akwa Ibomites since May 29th 2015. She has visibly achieved feats in ensuring that the welfare of Women, children, families are given excellent attention. 

The wife of Gov. Udom Emmanuel has built houses for widows and widower’s in the state, she has adopted numerous motherless babies homes and has taken it upon herself to provide food, gift items and charter for all the Orphans and helpless children, she has sponsored and supported the education of the less priviledges and orphans, she has supported multiple birth mothers (mothers of twins, triplets, quadruplets etc) financially, she has provided succour and free medical treatment (surgical operations) to indigent patients. She is working very hard to ensure that the rights of our children are protected across the 329 wards of the state.

An independent survey shows that Akwa Ibom Women have benefitted from the “excellent attributes and qualities” of Deaconess Martha Udom Emmanuel who has consistently empowered women financially. An indigiene of Onna local government area while interacting noted “I can confidently tell you that Deaconess Martha is the best first lady in the history of this state. She is a caring mother that is doing all in her powers to see that our women are well taken care of in the society. Take a look at the houses that she built and is still building for our widows, she is providing shelter for families in our state, I commend her because she wants her husband Gov. Udom Emmanuel to succeed. She is a role model to all women. I am very proud of her”.

Another indigiene from Ikot Abasi local government area noted ” I call her ‘Eka unwana Akwa Ibom’ because she has light up Akwa Ibom families with her pet project FEYReP (Family Empowerment and youth reorientation program). I am a beneficiary of the massive empowerments going on in FEYReP. As i speak with you thousands of our women have stared businesses with the empowerment items given to them by Deaconess Martha ranging from hair making equipments, sewing equipments (tailoring) etc, most of our women have began big businesses from the money she regularly gives to us. All the women in my local government are supporting Gov. Udom Emmanuel”.

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