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Many atimes, corrupt individuals always seek to play Saint and impress others. But within the ambit and premise of thier lives they are worth nothing but climatized with filthy , muddy and desdain fraudulent characters .

No wonder, a popular proverb once told by my grand father , Chief Okon Edet Okon, holds that, a woman who engages in whoredom, is the most flipant animal and that, an armed robber, is the first to always call others a thief .

Clement Ikpat, by right, should not be walking free in the Street. He should be confined by the law behind the Prison walls for his many fraudulent programmes during his tenure as Special Assistant on Diaspora Affairs.

Clement Ikpat for six years collected over 2 billion naira from the State Government to do Road Shows in America and Eroupe to attract investors. Yet, he did not bring one single investor to Akwa Ibom State . Instead, he embezzled all those funds and converted them to his private use .

During his last Eruope Tour, Mr Clement Ikpat, under false pretence, collected twenty five thousand dollars from one Ms Gloria Etim who stays in Germany, claiming that, Akwa Ibom State Government will refund the money .

As we speak today, Clement Ikpatt has long recouped the funds from the State Government and he has refused to refund the money to the lady .

Clement Ikpatt, who stole during his days with Nigerian Police Force, left the country disguised with heavy beard , and for 25 years he did not visit Nigeria.

But with God’s mercy, he was given an appointment, that, instead of adding value to government back home , he returned to his fraudulent atitvites .

Mr Clement Ikpat wanted to continue with the present Government, but considering his fraudulent nature, he was never engaged.

So, he simply engages in deploying all manner of schemes to derail and compromise acceptability of the superior Performance of Governor Udom Emmanuel by the populace, which has been an uphill task for him.

It’s also good to note that, Clement as a individual, is myopic, disoriented, and disenchanted. He is moreover, frustrated and depressed .

Clement Ikpatt is no professional to talk about the quality of Roads. In this dispensation of Governor Udom Emmanuel’s administration , the Hon Commissioner saddled with the responsibility of managing the Ministry of works , Mr Ephraim Inyangeyen, is not an office personality , but he is on the road everyday to monitor and check, if the Road is constructed according to the specification .

Few Months ago, he was criticized for saying that, some of the roads done by previous governments, was without drainages. So, how will such a personality , knowing the amount of rain water in Akwa Ibom State, allow any Road to be constructed without drainage ?

Few days ago, a contractor constructed a drainage that did not meet the specification. The Honourable Commissioner of works ordered for the entire stretch of well over 2 kilometers of Drainage to be removed and a new one done , to meet up the Standard set by Governor Udom Emmanuel’s administration .

About a year ago , Governor Udom Emmanuel also cancelled the contract of Airport -Okpedi dualization due to inconsistencies by the contractor who could not give proper interpretation of that project construction .

Governor Udom Emmanuel most times, takes out time from his busy schedule and inspects these Road projects to ensure it is properly done.

Mr Cement Ikpatt, who could not manage even his small Restraunt along Atiku Abubakar to last up to three months, has the temerity to talk about the management of the State .

Governor Udom Emmanuel does not play politics with projects and he made it clear to all of sundry, that, he is out to be leader of political and economic inclusion and not a leader of Political and economic exclusion. He says that all parts of Akwa Ibom State will be touched by his Superior performance.

So the likes of Clement Ikpatt should relalize the time where jobbers criticize Government so as to get settlecd by that Government is over. He should learn to manage his self -inflicted frustration and never try to transfer aggression or heap it on others .

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