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A global recognized NGO, BIODIVERSITY FOR THE FUTURE NETWORK IN NIGERIA (EBFFNIN) which specialises on how our environments, the forest and the earth as a whole can be preserve for our future generations, held its Board of Trustees meeting in Uyo today to discuss, enlightened and streamline the plans and activities of the NGO.

Addressing the gathering and the journalist, the Executive Director of the NGO, Dr Joshua Ndoho took out time to outline why urgent attention should be given to the protection of our environments today.

“The importance of environment and biodiversity to mankind globally can not be over emphasize, therefore, it becomes imperative that concerted effort should be made by all an sundry to protect the environment and encourage conservation of biodiversity”

He further stated that resources need to be pool from the government, private sectors and individuals to combat the manace of environmental degradation which is occasioned by petroleum exploration and exploitation in the Niger Delta region of the country. All forms of air and water pollution, climate change, flooding, erosion, deforestation, biodiversity erosion, stream siltation, invasive weeds infestation, depletion of ozone layer, habitat fragmentation in the northern parts of the Country and depletion of natural resources are all need to the protected.

Dr Ndoho however, calls for invidual to join hands together by becoming a member of the NGO and togetherly, they will all combat the problem facing our earth.

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