…..As Kairos Rhema Embassy’s permanent church foundation will be lay.

All is now set for the foundation laying and consecration of Kairos Rhema Embassy Uyo,Akwa Ibom State. The program for foundation laying of the permanent site of the church is schedule for Thursday 2rd November ,2018,at 7am ,at Ifa Ikot Okpon,by timber market road.

The event of the foundation laying ceremony has been fixed up together with a three days power pack service, for the church, to thank God for his mercies and Grace upon the church,and members. Song ministrations,preaching of the word of God,healing of the sick,breaking of curses and covenant, and lots more,is billed for the event.

The three days of help from above has as it theme: GRACE FOR SPEED”,and will start of Wednesday 1st November – Friday 3rd November. After the foundation laying of the church at Ifa,normal programs will continue at the church auditorium at 26 Bassey Esua street,off Akaitiam street. On Friday 3rd,the event will be brought to a close ,time is fixed for 5pm.

Rev.Agor ,Bobby Friga,David Gospel and other guest Artiste will minister at the event.

According to the founder of Kairos Rhema Embassy, it is a milestone in the ministry, to have a permanent site for the church after five years of formation. He however remain thankful to God for his provisions, his friends,church members, for standing with the church throughout the period of struggle, confusion,pains and uncertainties.

To Apostle Nsikanabai Ese,the church foundation will be laid to glory of God,and benefit of humanity, to help expand the work of God,and win more souls to Christ,and won’t be manage as his personal property, but as a tabanacle for the dwelling of the ark of the covenant of God,and his people.

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