By Micheal Joseph Okon.

Chess players hardly sacrifice the Queen, they would rather do everything possible to keep the Queen alive for the protection of the King. The importance of the Queen on the chessboard cannot be over emphasized, her dexterity and unprecedented maneuverings keeps the opponent constantly on the alert,little wonder The Queen is always on the wanted list. She must be out of the game for opponents to have a sense highhandedness.

AkwaIbomites will not blink for oppositions malicious attacks on their first lady for a second.

Learners constantly seek to corner the King to their bane while the Queen with one swift move knocks off reckless pawns and officials,that is exactly the scenario in the Akwa Ibom State politics, where opposition’s bad media had of recent taken societal morality out of their senses and rules of engagement while seeking cheap political points on the image,person and Impeccable integrity of The first lady and her office.

Very few women have been able to awaken self worth that should naturally lead to success nor significance in life. Some female folks could get so vexed and intoxicated with power and authority to the extent of abuse,but not Mrs Martha Udom Emmanuel, an unassuming, gentle spirited, focused,emphatic mobilizer of women and Youths noiselessly.

The Akwa Ibom Opposition hired media opportunist having noticed their error in ignoring the Queen, and regrettably misfired in their maiden unleashing of vehement fetish character blackmail are wondering how The First Lady survived their propaganda,yet she was never perturbed knowing the power of silent treatment to vagrant beings.

Mrs Martha Udom Emmanuel sailed through those dark irrelevant hours because AkwaIbomites kept the light Shining and would not allow a dog bark nor lick the dust around Royalty for a second,the rallying around, the resounding rebuttals against Opposition’s dark media antics is prove of Mounting respect and honour we all have for a compassionate Mother and first Lady.

Like the stubborn fly and the devil himself,coagulating in possible respite should not be the ideal for opposing madness and desperate desire to take the hilltop mansion knows no control.

Mrs Martha Udom Emmanuel is worth the dread of opposition as she does the impossible of touching lives at almost all if not all villages in our dear state. There is hardly a village where the impact of FEYReP has not been felt in women empowerment, the girl child protection and capacity building for Youths.

While The Governor pays attention on grand lofty developments of industrialization, The First Lady compliments his efforts with detailed grassroot impacts, little wonder she has recently become the must wanted on opposition list of media destruction and might remain so till we floor them again come 2019, yet she soars higher.

She keeps applying the best approach of “No one can distract you without your permission”,She remains focus on the task ahead of taking dividends of democracy to the nooks and crannies of this great state.

© Micheal Joseph Okon,writes from Ituk Mbang Village, Uruan.

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