29th Dec 2017

Festive season such as Christmas is a season where people travels far and wide just to meet with love ones. Apart from taking loves out or exchange of gift with those we considered as close friends, many has paid a very little attention or has forgotten the convicted persons (the prisoners) but this is a very different case with Otuekong (Hon) Essien Nse, a man popularly known as the “Indomitable” or “Indo”

For third times in three years, the Member Representing Onna State Constituency, Hon Nse Essien in his usual habit has paid a scheduled visit to the Uyo Prison to perform a kick off for the 3rd edition of the Inmates football Tournament in Uyo.

The cheering crowd could not hold their excitement as they shouted at sighting the Hon Member. This is because they knew that with the visit of the Honourable Member, something positive will happen to some of them.

… This is just by-the-way, the kick off ceremony is not the main gist here…

The main gist is that Honourable Nse Essien has Paid some reasonable amount to secure the release of 21 inmates who faces various jail terms for inability to pay their Jail fine.

“God will help all of us to leave here and become useful to the society, I just wish I could help all of you, please for those who are leaving, go and sin no more”.-Hon Nse Essien

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