By Jerryz Edoho 

“One measure of leadership is the caliber of people who choose to follow you; 

all of the great leaders do have one characteristic in common, it is the willingness to confront unequivocally the major anxiety of their people in their time. This and not much else, is the essence of leadership”-John .J. Kenneth 

Globally, there are notable leaders  though, with diluted  characters, their followers sees them as mentors , others preference them as godfathers  while many are worship as demigods; their names embedded in their minds as pillar of hope;  there are also acclaimed leaders who do not understand the feelings of their followers notwithstanding their enormous wealth, they despises the poor and the vulnerable; their perceptions about government and power is vested on nepotism and egotism, they derived joy in causing headachy in the polity with no legacies of positive impacts in the minds and hearts of the populace; They get honoured through lobbying, their names in the archives as warriors and leaders. But, the only thing that defines a man of indisputable  character is the ability to be selfless in  their choices and actions  in life. 

A glaring distinctive characteristics of a leader with indisputable character starts from ‘self perception’ and this is traced to  BENJAMIN UDOBIA. He has realised this fact as the criteria in  outstanding leadership.

Emphatically, Elder Benjamin Udobia’s passion and uncompromising commitment in fostering solutions towards socio-political issues, creating positive impact in human capital development and enhancing visible developments in the society deserves an ovational parade to commemorate his hard-nurtured character and  exemplary leadership disposition. 

Elder Benjamin Udobia is a home breed grass-rooter, a political model, an elder statesman, a philanthropist per excellence, an industrious business mogul, an entrepreneur, a man with a Heart of gold, the widows solace, an arbiter of hope to the vulnerable, a symbol  of accomplishments and wealth creation with superlative qualities of which every progressives strives to emulate. 

It will be absurd if history fails to  document the achievements and character of a man which ink or novel can’t script his pedigree. Benjamin Udobia is the political leader of Esit Eket, the Deputy Director General of the Divine Mandate Team, the chief executive officer of Benest Technical Services ( BTS) and Eden Hotels, a platform he has immeasurably used in giving hope to the orphans, widows and less privileges.

  Personally, by my assessment in respect to the rare gem whose persona had prompted this piece, I make bold to described Elder Benjamin Udobia; as “a leader that sees leadership as an opportunity to serve and a call to service rather than of self-importance; a genius admired by all, a wealth creator who is envied by men of deceitful heart, a honourable team leader endowed with humility and compassion trusted by all and sundry”. 

The history of politics and economic development in Akwa Ibom State and Esit Eket can never be completed however sentimental or myopic the author could be should Elder Benjamin Udobia not given a resounding eulogies on his contributions to the emergence of governors and other elective/political office holders in Akwa Ibom State and Nigeria our country.
Nevertheless, we need no soothsayer or theories to be convinced that Elder Benjamin Udobia’s character is a nurtured hereditary. Benjamin Udobia has stood out among classes of leaders, his followers is cut across boards despite geography, religion, class, sex etc. 

He is Imbued with humility and compassion, giving comfort to others becomes his illuminating factor of which reason leading and transforming others to become leaders with sufficient creative value is to him a case of A,B & C. 

After thorough research and analysis on the character and leadership pattern as exhibited by Elder Benjamin Udobia, I refuse to hesitate in believing the philosophy of -Harold Seymour who opined  that ” when the leadership is right and the time is right, the people can always be counted upon-to follow to the end at all costs”. Sincerely, Elder Benjamin Udobia is a pillar of hope. 

Comrade JERRY Edoho-

Political Editor, Ireporters

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