By Godson Obot

Every right thinking and well meaning individuals in our Nation at this point in time should stand with Dino because without these few courageous men, we lack knowledge on where we the week, minority, etc. would have been as a result of the activities of the strong cabal behind the scene. Although Dino played certain role in bringing the present disaster onboard, which even turned against most of them, but we should look beyond such for our sake: the oppressed, the minority, the Christians, etc.

It has become a common knowledge that Where this people are taking us to as a Nation, we can not do without the few courageous men, such as Sen. Godswill Obot Akpabio, FFK, Gov. Ayo Fayose, Nyesom Wike, Dino, Saraki, Dogara, Barr. Onofiok Luke, etc. We truly need them in order to check the process of tilting to absolute tyrannical system which as we speak, there is unimaginable problem here and there in the society. such as fierce religious classes and intolerance, the gruesome murder of the RCCG pastor, invasion of churches in the North and killing of worshipers in their thousand, unprovoked attacks and killing of near one thousand innocent indigenes of Southern Kaduna which is predominantly occupied by the Christians, unwarranted and unabated attacks by the fulani herdsmen in almost all the zones and states, such as Benue, Edo, Delta, Enugu, Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Kogi, Anambra, across River State. etc.

The impact of the above mentioned few in our present society, can not be overemphasized, we could recalled some time ago. When they proposed a law, seeking to take any form of decision that pertains the affairs of the Nation, without passing through the senate which you don’t need the services of a “babalawo” to educate you on the inherent danger in such, (suicidal) considering the manner they are handling the POWER that was freely given to them by the masses.

Some time ago, the residence of some judges were raided, arrested, harassed, detained, demoted, suspending, but were latter found not guilty by the court of competent jurisdiction. also the same agency that indicted those judges, also indicted the EFCC acting chairman, but base on the reason base known to them, such weighty report was discarded and as we speak, the “chairman” is still taking full action in such office in a capacity Nigerians don’t understand, according to the wordings of the Nigerian constitution.

The historic grass cutting in the IDP camp, carried out by a member of the cabal with over two hundred million (200), which such have left the people with great bewilderment on what manner of “grass”, an act that is viewed as a right step in the right direction in the system. An investigative panel was setup by the Rivers State Govt. to probe the immediate past Govt. but nothing was done in that regard by the senior men at the top. Hunger and starvation has presently and acceptably become part of us, were the masses are presently ” suffering and smiling” Boko haram that were stressfully captured, detained are being freed into the society without prosecution, considering the grave harm they have caused the economy of some states, individuals, families and the country at large. Election rigging that was believed not to be a prominent feature in the “saint…led Govt.” Has even gained promotion, through more tactics; displayed in Bayelsa, Rivers, Edo, Taraba, Ondo, etc. where one woman normally flies into the final collation center at the eleventh hour with “barracks” not just the NA.

The lopsided appointments and fight against corruption has become “very normal” The “maradonic” abducted chibok girls who were recently “released” by their abductors which till date bemused right thinking Nigerians. having secured their released, why are they yet to be released to their parents so to create room for Nigerians to approach and interact with the gorgeous and plummy freed captives in order to truly ascertain where they were, comfortably for over two years with a very fresh look even more than those that were not in any form of captivity and also couple with series of aerial bombardment of the sambisa forest by the air force and also through land operations by the NA.

As we speak, several aid materials from both the international organisations, individual, etc, have found their way to a destination, far away from the original motive of the benefactors. This and more are the reasons why the opposition Should be strengthened at this critical and historic point of our dear Nation which few eagle eyed individuals who have kept track of activities, who knows the manner the cabal have been going about the affairs of the Nation, understands why we should never bend to one party system.

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