Despite all the evil machinations deployed by PDP government in the state to rubbish and diminish him politically, he is still so loved by the masses. He still pulls crowd anywhere he goes in the state.Why is it so difficult for his foes to hunt him down?.Why is he still a colossus in the politics of the state?.

Despite the many lies and fallacies conceived, sponsored and circulated by PDP apologists against him, he is still being celebrated by the masses.

1.As governor of the state, he empowered many people to empower others who couldn’t reach him. He touched a lot of lives through the likes of Emem Akpabio, Prince Akpabio, Emmanuel Enoidem, Don Etim, Ibanga Akpabio, the I-11 members, Bassey Albert,Iniobong Ekong, etc.

There was no local government he didn’t raise people economically and politically to raise others.

Local government chairmen, vice chairmen, councillors and supervisors were not impoverished as is the case now. They were well equipped that they could touch the lives of their constituents.

His aides were well empowered. They were given brand new cars.

Hundreds of people were engaged to sweep roads across the state through the Green Brigade coordinated by the Ministry of Environment and they were well paid.

Inter ministerial contracts were given out to youth leaders, women leaders, elders and party officers and supporters.

Civil servants and retirees were not impoverished as is the case now. Their salaries,gratuities and other entitlements were paid. In fact, civil servants wouldn’t forget what was called the “AKPABIO MBER” which they were paid every December to celebrate Xmas and new year.Impress for the running of the offices were not tampered with.

The Emmanuel Ekpenyong-led Youth Caucus was heavily funded by the state government to empower youth leaders across the state.

Entrepreneurs were encouraged. They were assisted by the state government to grow their businesses.

That’s how the least person on the streets could be touched by his government.

98% of the people abusing him today were developed and empowered by his government.

His government was for the masses while the present administration is of the elites, for the elites and by the elites.

2.His signature projects across the state can’t be ignored or forgotten. No matter how much you hate him, you can’t hate the FIFA standard stadium initiated and completed by his administration. You can’t hate the various flyovers, E-Library and many well constructed roads his administration built across the state.

You may hate him but you can’t hate the Aka-nung Udoe road, Goodluck Jonathan Boulevard, Idoro road, Banking layout, Aka Etinan road, New Uyo-Abak road, Abak-Essien Udim-Ikot Ekpene road and so many other life-touching projects.

It is doubted if this government can match or beat his record.

These are some of the reasons Senator Akpabio is so loved by the masses despite all the evil machinations of this government against him. He would always remain in his honour.

Obong Iniobong John
Akwa Ibom state Chairman

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