Uyo Local Government V’Chairman Builds One Bedroom Flat For Four Widows In The Four Clans Of Uyo;..Inspect The Building Process

The greatest investment of a man is to invest on humanity. The above statement is akin to when politics is driven with policies of adding value to humanity and giving back to the people.

For the records, Hon. Ukai Udeme Emmanuel apart from being a public office holder who is the Vice Chairman Of Uyo Local Government Council has contributed immensely, meritoriously and magnificently to the welfare, well-being, growth and development of the society, government and most especially to the local community.

Hon. Ukai on Wednesday inspected the building process of one bedroom flat for four windows each cutting across the four clans of Uyo Local Government Area (Etoi, Offot, Oku and Ikono Clan respectively).

The building which will soon be Commissioned according to the Vice Chairman stated that, he decided to embarked on the process to support the completion agenda of His Excellency Governor Udom Emmanuel and to consolidate with the Humanitarian services and pet project of Mrs. Martha Udom Emmanuel under the auspices of Family Empowerment and Youth Reorientation Programme (FEYRep) in Akwa Ibom State.

It’s famously said that “When a good Leader is on the Throne, the people rejoice” The people of Uyo Local Government Area and by extention Akwa Ibom State is pleased with the leadership prowess of the Vice Chairman describing it to be “To whom much is given, much is expected”

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