UMO ENO: Making A Difference By Blurring The Differences

By Hero Akpata

Governance is ideally about the people and everything that means progress for them. Nevertheless, some representatives of the people have turned the opportunity to provide leadership into a tool for division and social dislocation for political subjugation in a bid to further unaltruistic aims. In such instances, they incite the people against themselves and expose where their diversities are buried, causing them to identify themselves primarily similar to clannish considerations and other micro sentiments.

The people should never be made to use where their leaders come from as the key measurement in their political choices. Where leaders come from is not the issue. The big question instead should always be where a leader will take them to. Their collective destination as a people and as a society. This patterned identification of ‘he’s not our own’ or ‘it should be our own’ creates a divisive environment to divert attention from the common demands and aspirations of the people. These demands then become secondary considerations or, sometimes, fly out of sight and reasoning.

But, time and time again, liberal testimonies have been thrown up to suggest that the best condition that supports the progress of any people is their unity of purpose. A people bound together by a common regressive condition must perpetually reflect on the causes of their tribulations and setbacks. They must think and consider different sides of their governmental and societal hiccups that continue to afflict their chances of newfangled evolution.

No reasonable person with adequate amount of concern, skills, and capabilities should disregard the loads of problems that surround him as a result of a systemic disappointment. Those who peddle the unreasonable justification with the motive to limit the participation of reasonable and distinguished people are the real enemies of the people. Pastor Umo Eno has chosen to confront these aspects of governance, representation decadence and social regression in Akwa Ibom. He has decided to confront ignorance with reason. He has decided to bridge the gap of diversity, designed as a strategy by an unscrupulous gang to marginalize and withhold unity and progress from the people.

Furthermore, he has picked to accede to the demands of the people for a steady stream of inventions and sustainable amenities. Likewise, he is a man with the good intention to heal the wounds and insist on oneness. This has been his lifelong political and social philosophy. A philosophy duly acknowledged and appreciated by many that have come in contact with him. He has continued to be a political product that continues to tend to the needs of the people of Akwa Ibom. He is the person Akwa Ibomites are very enthusiastic to see as governor in 2023.

What the people of Akwa Ibom need for sustenance of peace and security is to still follow the prescriptions of Umo Eno and continue to co-exist as one, with a strong purpose to dislodge all forms of divisive juggernauts. They must continue to bear witnesses to the constellate force of Pastor Eno because when the people of Akwa Ibom, as well as from all corners gather around him, he considers nothing more than their happiness. Where they come from and the sizes of their challenges or ideas does not faze him. So, let Umo Eno serve his people with more of the same workable procedure that has taken him from being a lowly ranked barracks boy to being an internationally recognized orchestrator of refinement and betterment.

Hero Akpata is a Leadership enthusiast, A Public Affairs commentator, Writer on Contemporary Issues and Editor-In-Chief Of Www.BareNewsOnline.Com

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