Ukai Udeme Launch Another Tournament In Uyo; Politics Like Football

Over the centuries, many quarters believe that there is a thin line between love and sex while a few others believe that the line gets thinner between life and death even as the scripture records that the line is thinnest between fools and (unholy) anger, and so, we here at UKAI UDEME UNITY TOURNAMENT 2020, sincerely believe that there is a line between POLITICS AND FOOTBALL but the big question is how thick or thin is this it?

What positives could be drawn from either end to better each other?

Are there common grounds between the two fields?

Could the two fields grant us valuable insight into what the WAY FORWARD would be for us as a growing economy and a developing democracy?

These and many more questions will be answered when we converge at Methodist Primary School, Itam Etoi, in a matter of four days from today for the Opening Ceremony!

Mark the date on your calendar, Please!

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