By Rev’d Richard Peters.

Sen. Ita Enang is one lawmaker i use to admired from a distance because of some of the roles he played while at the national Assembly, but at recent events ,his conducts and attitudes towards the progress of Akwa Ibom state, gives me a ground to worry.

A lawmaker that was a darling to some people who believed he was promoting Akwa Ibom state, has for the past two years or more become a VIRUS, attacking the progress of the state ,with his daily attacks on Governor Udom Emmanuel, his speeches at public functions, and to the extent of sponsoring a radio program, whose aim is just to destroy the government and hide the truth of the actual developmental progress from the Akwa Ibom people.

Few days ago, a certain pay as you go journalist Mr. Franklyn Isong, who had longed lost focus in journalism practice and became an APC propagandist, had posted on the social media, feeling excited that a certain people’s radio program on planet FM” Akwa Ibom mandate anchored by a government official ,with the aim to refute some lies spread by the likes of Franklyn and our now undistinguished Ita Enang is on break

On this same planet FM, a certain anti- people radio program called ” Team Nigeria”, anchored by an APC propagandists, sponsored by Ita Enang with the aimed to discredit anything the government is doing, and causing suffering in the State, hiding the truth from the people, who could have crap on the opportunities government is providing to help themselves and to get involve in the industrial revolution going on across the state.

Ita Enang is going about saying things that will divide Akwa Ibom State, than build it. Today he is talking about Akwa Ibom budget, tomorrow he is talking about failed projects of Governor Udom Emmanuel, and giving some cheap propagandist the grounds, space to insult the Governor and discredit the government all because he want his party who doesn’t even have a root in the State to win an election, which is just like an handless man trying to catch the wind.

I have been thinking and i just want to say my mind as it is, between the suspended awareness and enlightenment program to show that against all odd the government is working, and a radio program sponsored by Ita Enang to frustrate Akwa Ibom people with wrong dissemination of information, which is more beneficial to Akwa Ibom State?

Only God knows the extent money spent by Ita Enang to sponsored lies and propaganda against the government can go, if he had channeled it for human empowerment, and help the ordinary people at least for once.

Ita Enang ” mmu ukpu diaha anem, ukpu diaha uno inem ayin? If you don’t like Udom Emmanuel for selfish reasons base known to you, you should at least love him for his effort in industrializing the state, and stop distracting and attacking the progress of this State.

The other day, i saw on social media how the Governor gave Ita Enang a hug at the public lecture for the 25th Anniversary of the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, and the Governor even made some remarks, including that he Ita Enang is the only one we have at the National.

One ordinary would think that after that warm reception from the Governor, a man who believes in the progress of the state, a man who believes in the unity and peaceful co- existence of the people, a man who believes in the future of the state, that Ita Enang could have taken that as a call for partnership, a call to put sword away and embrace peace and development, but it is a Shameful that Ita Enang’ s hatred for the progress Akwa Ibom has become a part of him.

It is high time Akwa Ibom people see Ita Enang as a selfish fellow who thought he could act smart by using our brains,thank God we are smarter than him.

Is Ita Enang aware that administration of Udom Emmanuel has constructed a 3,5km Ikot Udom Road with 15m span Bridge in Ibiono with 7.3 m carriageway width? Is he aware that we now have home grown tomatoes in Akwa Ibom state courtesy of Udom’s Agricultural revolution?

Is he aware that syringe factory, coconut refinery are working as at now, and production in progress?

I think our now undistinguished Senator should come down and truly see the massive developmental progress of the Udom’s adminstration, and see how the Governor had looted the state allocation according to him, and also confirm the fact that ,the renovation and the fixing of the necessary equipments of the now working Etinan hospital was done with paper, not money.

Ita Enang’s attitudes ,lies, propaganda, is an attack on the progress of this state, and such a man can not be seen as a patriot ,or one who thinks good about this state,because he is not. This is bad and very shameful.

Rev’d Richard Peters Independently write in from Eket. or 08080602197 whatsapp only.

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