It is unfortunate that Barr. Solomon Ekokoi is today making up a supposed agreement which purportedly ceded the House of Assembly seat for Nsit Ubium State Constituency in 2019 to him. While we are aware that this is due to the promptings of some people who have since lost credibility in the local government area, let us put the records straight.

1. You do not need to enter into an agreement with somebody who contested an election and lost woefully. What is that person bringing to the table?

2. The said Barr. Ekokoi contested the PDP primary to chose a candidate for Nsit Ubium State Constituency in 2015 and lost. If he had political significance, the said accord would have come before the primary proper. Nsit Ubium people had nothing to gain from his loss.

3. However, Nsit Ubium people being magnanimous people decided to include him in the local government transition committee. Perhaps, his ego did not allow him to take up the appointment and so it was taken by another person who also aspired to the State House of Assembly at that time.

4. What made the Barrister better than other aspirants who were also in the race? The said accord, did it consider the other aspirants? These and more questions, Barr. Ekokoi should give answers to.

5. In an election, you need to mobilize the people to give you support and when the political party notices that you are not on ground, the party picks a person that is on ground no matter what the agreement, if any, said. Political parties want to win elections and so they pick people who have the tendency, capacity and support base to win elections.

The claimant is certainly not on ground in Nsit Ubium and he knows this, that is why he is thinking up an agreement.

Be that as it may, in Nsit Ubium, the race is open to all Ubium North people to whom the position of House of Assembly was zoned by the leadership and members of Nsit Ubium Caucus. Nobody is preventing Barr. Solomon Ekokoi from venturing into the arena to contest. In a democracy, the contest is usually between two or more people not the preserve of one who may have aspired and lost.

Agreements are not entered into during electioneering campaigns. Therefore, for a lawyer that he is, if anything was said during electioneering campaigns, it would be unlearned of him to have taken it to the bank!

Nsit Ubium people are waiting to nominate someone that will give them effective and efficient representation. Above all, the PDP in Nsit Ubium is looking forward to winning the seat. That will not be on the basis of a rumoured agreement with people who had failed before. They look forward to nominating a down-to-earth person who is not egoistic.

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