Leadership can only be said to be successful when every successive leader leaves a positive impact on the lives of those he/she governed. This means that leaders should have foresight and not get into government blindly. Plans should be made beforehand, and preparation be completed.

Sadly, many politicians prepare for election and not leadership. It’s like intending couple who were busy putting things in place for their wedding and not marriage. You know what will happen when everyone must have gone to their tents, leaving the couple behind. That is real marriage, what they prepared for was the ceremony.

In that same token, many politicians only get set for election, and not leadership. Most of them become confused after they have won the election. They don’t know where to start from, and how the system works.

But ideal leaders like Barr. Otobong Bob, PDP candidate for Nsit Ubium State constituency is prepared for both the election and leadership. If you get close to him, you will be shocked at the level of preparedness on ground in order to give Nsit Ubium people their pride of place. Every community in Nsit Ubium will receive a touch of development as all communities are already reflected in Barr. Bob’s development map.

The blueprint of development for Nsit Ubium State constituency is ready. That will even make governance easier for him. He is well prepared for the task of taking Nsit Ubium people to the higher level of empowerment, greatness and development.

All lovers of good things must rally around Barr. Otobong Bob for the actualization of this glorious mandate. It is a project of a lifetime. Everyone must be involved.

Nsit Ubium is blessed, and it is time for all sons and daughters of Nsit Ubium to have a share of the blessing. Those who never had hope of starting businesses will become owners of businesses. Those who never had hope of going to school will be favoured to do so.

Support the right candidate; support the PDP; support Barr. Otobong Bob for effective representation.


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