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Few weeks ago, i mentioned en passant  in one of my writings about the political fate of Oruk Anam Local government Area, given that the Local Government has remained politically sullen in the past administration and somewhat sullen into the incumbent administration.  
And that is true! To any seeing eye, it is true of Oruk Anam!  But the question is, is defection a way forward? 

One needs to do a ‘rethink’ so as to avert the mistake that incited the previous political exclusion of the local Government during the previous administration, may not replay!
over the days and weeks and months, we have had the oruk Anam political stalwarts defect from one party to the other. Senator Ekarika  started it; Hon. E. Ukoette joined the band wagon lately. 


Senator Chief Ittak Bob Ekarika has allegedly concluded arrangement to quit the Peoples Democratic Party. According to an aide to the Senator, the former governorship aspirant and one of the most financial active members in the party see no reason for him or any of his people to remain in the party. 

Alongside Senator Ekarika, the credible source also mentioned that Rt. Hon. Emmanuel Ukoette, the federal house of representative member for Ukanafun/Oruk Anam federal constituency will also decamp during well packaged ceremony to be revealed soon.

The informant lamented that the present leadership of the PDP in Akwa Ibom state do not value Senator Ekarika or the people of Ekparakwa ward7, despite the support given to the party during the 2015 general election. 

The source detailed further that “even though Senator Ekarika and the people of Ekparakwa ward 7 had a divided vote during 2007 gubernatorial and the second term re-election of ex-Gov. Akpabio, the former governor still had the people of Ekparakwa, appointed and represented in various boards and commissions in the state and of course among the Oruk Anam local government caretaker committee members. 

But presently, the Udom Emmanuel’s government is not only happy the PDP defied the zoning principle that would have led to the election of a State House member from ward 7 but also ensured that no Ekparakwa person is appointed among the various batches of constituted and reconstituted local government caretaker committee members talk less of the state executive council. 

The APC the people did not support, has through the Niger Delta Development Commission(NDDC) awarded contract for the reconstruction of the Bank road in Ekparakwa and the Ekparakwa/Minya/Ikot Ekpaw road as well as sited a Naval University in Ikot Ntuen-Ekparakwa, the home town of Sen. Ekarika’’.

Asked whether the governor is aware of the injustice meted on the distinguished senator and his people, the aide, reiterated that the governor should be aware unless he is disconnected from the people who elected him. Speaking further, the aide stated that ‘’Gov. Udom Emmanuel should not be deceived in to believing that despite his poor performance, the Idiong’s family alone is capable of ensuring his second term re-election’’.
Inforeservoir.com also gathered that the octogenarian, Sen. Ekarika, is on the process to reconcile with Dr. Udoma Ekarika (former commissioner for works, governorship aspirant and son-in-law to Obong Victor Attah), his cousin. It can be recalled that both have been sworn enemies since the 2007 PDP nomination they both contested. 

The move among other factors is said to be facilitated by Senator Ekarika in order for him to have a common political front for the interest of his people, especially as the Senator now considers him self too weak to fight alone.

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