By Rev’d Richard Peters

For some months now, i have been under attacks from different people, calling, texting me to stop writing anything about APC or write to promote the government, that this government of Governor Udom Emmanuel is deceiving the people, and that the government is operating the state budget in secrecy.

But looking at the transparency, accountability in this government, i can not but say that the propagandist ,who are threatening my life are wrong.

Last week i was robbed in Uyo, when i came to visit a friend who was last Saturday discharged from the hospital, my phones, laptop, money all gone in a taxi i entered from Udoudoma bank layout, after i stopped over to withdraw some money to help assist my friend buy drugs ,as he was discharged from the hospital.

While i came out from Zenith bank, i saw a man drove close to me and introduced himself as one of the person that likes me and been following my articles and that he would like to be like me, he asked if he should help dropped me at the main road, looking at the caliber of the person involve, i decided to join to the road, immediately i entered the car, he took my bag containing my laptop, phones, money into the back seat of the car, so that i could feel comfortable to use the seat belt, Little did i know that i was going to be robbed, he asked to confirmed if i’m a pastor in reality or a title and i said yes, because i was putting on my collar, as he drove to Udoudoma by Aka junction, since i was heading to Nung Oku, he stopped and i came out, thanked him, and wanted to opened the back car door and remove my bag, he spat on me and said “you this stupid man, we are coming for you” and immediately drove off, and almost knocked me down, i was left stranded on the road, till a good Samaritan came to my aide, and gave me money to pay back to Eket. I never knew all this while that am being monitored and that my life and that of my family are in danger.

This was a very terrible experience for me, but i know God is watching those who are after my life, and my position in church. There have been serious pressure, tension from haters of good governance in Akwa Ibom State, for me to be suspended from my position as a priest of The African Church or transferred to a place i wont see light, but it is well.

These days i have been receiving so many threat calls from people, text, some with unknown numbers threatening to kill me, set me up for fraud or other criminal offences, just to implicate me, and disgrace me, my family is in danger but i don’t know that by supporting Udom’s government should make me a sinner, a demon, but one who believes that the government needs our support, and not unnecessary attacks.

I am not the only clergy who is supporting this government, but mine maybe too obvious because apart from being a young man, who believes in the future of this state , i am also an HND student of communication art/Theology, so i can not stop making comments about issues as they come.

I know some people will think that am being sponsored by the government or government officials, or on the pay roll of the government, but those thinkers are wrong, because every single post, comment, reactions i make on issues bothering the government, opposition and others, are solely my own words, and i take responsibilities for them.

When i did my Priesthood Thanksgiving Service few weeks ago, how many government officials came or showed support? Is that the sort of people, some low thinkers will conclude are paying me? Some even go to the point of saying that, i have been collecting Brown envelope, just imagine what some people could say.

Everything i write and published on newspapers, blogs and the expense involved in doing it, are all from my personal money and not from any government official, so nobody should ever think that am being sponsored to either write or make comments about issues in government and as it relates to the opposition forces.

As far as Akwa Ibom State is concern, and the measures for the continued industrial revolution is oncourse, Governor Udom Emmanuel will be returned as unopposed for a second term, because what is good for the goose is also good for the candy.

People called me after my anniversary to mock me, that i did an anniversary, no government official came nor represented, that am just wasting my time supporting the government, that they won’t do anything for me, but my support for the government is not base on what they will reward me with, but for the sake of the future of Akwa Ibom State.

I saw on the social media that the uyo- Ikot Ekpene road project is ongoing, the work on Attan offot road is ongoing, salaries are being paid to workers, the poultry farm at Uruan is working, a new MOU by the government has been signed for work at Ibom specialist hospital to kick start again, after a little break, and the DADAKKA philosophy is producing entrepreneurs.

The last time some people were sponsored to protest against the Government and that brought shame to the people of Akwa Ibom and i kicked against it, i was ridiculed and rejected by many, my Facebook account, and others were hacked, and used in sending messages to people, just to blackmail me, now the same thing has started again, with my phone being cloned and use for various purposes, calling, text and all that, thank i was able to restore it and secure my accounts but the God that i serve will protect me from all these enemies of progress, who have termed me a sinner, because i choose to support light, and say no darkness in Akwa Ibom State.

How can i stop supporting the government?

Udom Emmanuel for second term, our light is here.

Rev’d Richard Peters

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