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We Must Take Our Destiny Into Our Own Hands….. PDP National GSM Declares.

The National leadership of the PDP National Grassroots Support Movement (GSM) is constrained to issue this statement at this time given some significant political developments in our party and country in recent times.

We are all aware of the recent communication from the PDP NEC with regards to the dilemma confronting state chapters of the party , especially in states where elections are due any time from now. This dilemma is borne out of our recent experiences in Edo and Ondo States , where the Ali Modu Sheriff faction of the party deliberately sabotaged and sold the party down the river.

We are not unaware that Ali Modu Sheriff and his cohorts have been creating factional chapters of our great party in all the states of the federation, in other to cause chaos and compromise PDP’s chances in coming elections.

In Benue State, the electoral body has disqualified all PDP candidates for the June 1st Local Government Elections, on the flimsy excuse that the Ali Modu Sheriff faction dissociated itself from the candidates list submitted by the state chapter of the PDP which is loyal to the Makarfi faction of the party. The same dilemma faces our candidates in the coming elections in Anambra, Lagos and Ekiti States.

In as much as we expect a favourable outcome in the ongoing legal battle in the Supreme Court , but the collateral damage inflicted on the party thus far may have sounded the death kneel for our great party. It is doubtful if we can recover in time for the 2019 general elections .

It is in this light that after a critical review of the recent directive of the PDP NEC, viz that “State Chapters are allowed to take any decision they consider appropriate” that the National leadership of the PDP National GSM has after consultation with all critical stakeholders has come to the following decisions.

1) That in the light of the aforementioned political developments in our party PDP and the country, it is time for us to take our political destiny into our own hands.

2). That in order to avoid a repeat of the Edo and Ondo quagmires , it is time for us to seek another political platform to actualize our dreams and aspirations.

3) That after an exhaustive and thorough review we are satisfied that the newly registered Advanced Peoples Democratic Alliance (APDA) aggregates our collective aspirations .

4) We hereby direct all members nationwide to collapse our structures into the APDA as we prepare for the coming elections. We cannot allow our selves to be caught napping by the antics of the Ali Modu Sheriff faction of the PDP, and their sponsors. THE DIE IS CAST.

Together we can make APDA the party of our dreams and the vehicle to restore People-Sensitive governance to our people in the coming elections and in 2019.

We are STRONGER when we are TOGETHER.

Pastor Warigbani Ezekiel
National President
PDP National GSM.

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