According to Vanguard newspapers, Evans, fearing that Amaka may have been picked by the police, he avoided her as much as he could.

Furthermore, this had come at a time when the police informants in Magodo made a breakthrough on Amaka. Subsequently, the informant had called and informed the police that he had discovered the location of Evans’ residence. 

He also disclosed that Evans has not been seen around his house for a long time and he was believed to have moved out of his house.

A source had revealed to Vanguard newspapers that Evans was highly elusive before his arrest and he was quite aware that the police were closing in on him causing him to relocate from his home to a hotel in Agidigingbi area of Ikeja, adding that he also moved his wife and children to Ghana and was trying to dispose some of his properties at the time he was arrested.

On the day he was arrested, according to sources, he was said to be unaware that operatives had located his apartment in Magodo, when he contacted Amaka on Saturday morning.

He was said to have called her on the phone around 4:15am, without knowing that some policemen were with her and asked her to wait outside her compound to meet him.

She reportedly joined him later at the spot and as soon as she got into the car, he attacked her, threatening to kill her for not informing him about the police presence in her house.

Evans was said to have gotten angry and drove away with her in his Grand Cherokee SUV and they had an accident at Iyana-Ipaja area where he abandoned the vehicle, seized Amaka’s phone and asked her to go home.

It was from there that he picked a cab to his residence at Magodo to pick some few things towards in a bid to travel out of the country. It was then that the Police swooped in on him and arrested him inside his bedroom.”