Ego is to the soul what cigarette is to the lungs. Pride won’t let you keep the person you love because you assume that it reduces your ego when you express your love or apologize when you’re wrong. Pride will give you confidence to conveniently keep to yourself even if it’s painful. 

It will motivate you never to make the first move to communicate with your partner during conflicts because it will show that you’re weak. Pride will make you watch the person you love falling in love and move on happily with another person just because you think you don’t wanna look desperate or weak.

There Is no such thing as a perfect relationship.  Perfect relationships only exist in the Hollywood movies of make believe. Do not be fooled by what you see, behind every smile is an untold stories of agonies and pains, people only show you what you love to see. Both of you must continuously work together to make it work. Apologize when you’re wrong but make sure you don’t make the same mistake every time. 

Forgive when your partner apologizes and don’t make your partner pay for their mistake forever. Conflict is inevitable in any relationship but how well you manage it will determine the success of your relationship. Sulking is a killer of love. Keeping to yourself during conflicts doesn’t mean you’re strong, you’re actually teaching your partner how to live without you. The more distance you keep during conflicts the more your chances of breaking up increases.

Sometimes it’s better to be peaceful than to be right. You do not win all battles by fighting. Be very careful where you take your relationship advice. The only advice you can get from a fool is a foolish advice. Anyone who tells you to let go of who you truly love is an enemy that appears like a friend. People can only advice or sympathize with you but nobody can feel your pains more than you. Love is not proud and love is not arrogant. 

Pride can take away in 10 minutes what took you 10yrs to build. Never let your ego deprive you of what matters in life. Never make a permanent decision in a temporary situation. Pride is a killer attitude, kill it before it kills your personality….

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