It has come to our notice that the numerous ongoing media reactions by concerned individuals and groups to Senator John James Akpanudoedehe’s unprovoked attacks on Mr Umana Okon Umana at a recent press conference have been wrongly attributed to Mr Umana as his personal replies to Senator Akpanudoedehe. 

For instance, a Facebook commentator reproduced and labelled one particular reaction entitled, “AKPANUDOEDEGHE: THE PORTRAIT OF A POLITICAL VAGABOND,” as Umana’s personal reply to Mr. Udoedehe. This wrong attribution is in spite of the fact that the article was clearly signed by its author. 

Umana has not replied or authorised any reaction to Udoedehe’s insults other than one newspaper interview that he personally granted on the issue. 

That single reaction was the phone interview that Umana granted to The Guide newspaper, where he made it clear that he was not going to join issues with the former junior minister. Umana does not think that Udoedehe deserves a revisit on the matter and could not have issued any more statement on it, more so as it is the habit of the former junior minister to malign and insult Party leaders at both State and National levels.

 In one instance in a live interview on a local radio station Udoedehe falsely and recklessly accused the National Chairman of APC and all the members of the National Working Committee of receiving bribes from Mr. Umana. In the same interview he also made the same allegations against the State Chairman of APC and members of the State Working Committee. A copy of the tape is available. It is instructive that virtually all political, traditional and even religious leaders in the State have been maligned and insulted by Udoedehe.

It is worth noting that Udoedehe called his last press conference to lash out at leaders of the Akwa Ibom State APC, including Umana, after the National Vice-Chairman of the Party in charge of the South-South, Ntufam Hillard Etah, had set up a committee to reconcile leaders among its fold who had differences with one another. Rather than submit a memo to the committee on whatever issues bothered him, Udoedehe in a predictable move, called a press conference to fling mud around. This is his trademark behaviour. He has no respect for constituted authority.
Our position is that no matter what Udoedehe says about Umana further to this press release, Mr Umana will not enter any further response.

Iboro Otongaran

SA Media to Umana Okon Umana

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