Akwa Ibom project is a project for all,it is imperative that we all get involve and make it happen. We should drop the hate we have in our hearts for our fellow citizens and embrace peace, learn to forgive one another, love one another,even as Christ loved the church.

I am not a party man,but as a clergy, It is my duty to support the government ,give advise on some political development in the state.

It is rather a pity that some people will misinterpret everything I say or do to support the government in wrong faith.

To me,there is a different between attacking the government and criticizing the government. I know constructive criticism is good for the government, but outrightly attacking the government will only bring distraction this state can not afford to deal with.

Akwa Ibom State is our state,as citizens of the state, our duty is to bring ideas and innovation that can help expand the progress of the state. It is not enough for people to protest every policies of the government, but to give considerable stands, on what they think should be done,for the benefit of the common man,and the sake of posterity.

If we want to be truthful to ourselves, we will come to terms with the fact that, it is difficult to separate the church from politics, hence making clergies to get more involve in politics ,than the ordinary should.

This sometimes could be because of the love they have for a governor or President, like I have for Governor Udom Emmanuel because of his vision for Akwa Ibom State. If given the necessary support, Governor Udom will transform Akwa Ibom State,that is my conviction.

Akwa Ibom is a blessed state, so we need to encourage the development and policies for the industrialization of the state, let our sons and daughter appointed appointed into Federal agencies, come together for the development of the state,because it is Akwa Ibom first.

In terms of party politics, let the political parties get to the grassroots and mobilized people to vote for them, let those who are supporting the government be made to feel the presence of the government,while praying for more dividends of democracy to be delivered to the people. Unnecessary propaganda is not a tool for winning an election, but will only bring confusions and uncertainties.

Those supporting the government should be well positioned in the system of governance, not pushing them aside,because every politician wants to remain relevant. When they are carried along,their followers too will have what to hold unto and continue in their daily conversations with people to mobilized people in their churches,work places, markets to embrace the activities and development of the government.

I believe in the industrialization policies,programs of the current government of Deacon Udom Emmanuel, and his ability to deliver on his campaign promises, perhaps that is why I am sometimes in the media ,for both negative and positive reasons, but that will not make me stop preaching the good message of this government to people.

The Governor needs our support to function well and effectively too. God Bless Akwa Ibom State.

I pray for wisdom upon the leadership of this state, and those involve in decision making.


Rev’d Richard Peters is a clergy with African Church,writes in from Eket.

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