By Rev’d Richard Peters

I feel very sad at times to see the type of journalism practices going on in Akwa Ibom state, and carried out by some journalist who “are pay as you go journalist”, notably the likes of Franklyn Isong, the publisher of Radar newspaper in Akwa Ibom state.

Franklyn Isong has turned journalism practice in the state into something very embarrassing and shameful, an APC journalist that can’t see anything good in the government of Deacon Udom Emmanuel, always going to the radio station and social media platforms to propagate lies and blackmail the government.
I still wonder if propaganda, blackmail etc are the true definition of criticism to some people!

Recently he was on the radio to talk about the non payment of pension and gratuity, and tried to showcase the government in a bad light, but it is a very shameful thing to note so, that this same man who goes to the radio to say that salaries are not paid, has never gone back to the radio to inform the people that salaries were paid, when the government did, knowing fully well that Akwa Ibom State is the only state that promptly pays her workers unlike Kogi and other States that owned her workers for 10, 12, 14 Months.

A shameless journalist who believes in criticising everything, i remembered when Governor Udom was nominated for the Leadership award, this same Franklyn Isong protested online and said it is wrong for the Governor to accept such an award, as he did not deserve it, what an hatred for progress?

But what surprised me was that, this same man was given an advertorial of that same award, paid by the government for his paper, the Radar newspaper to carry, and he did not refund the money, or better still ask that instead of the government to pay him, they should use the money meant for the advertorial to pay workers, what a shameful act of an heartless journalist.

What a very embarrassing scenario that played out on planet FM last week, when Mr. Charles Udo, the Honourable commissioner for information was invited to the studio to speak about the developmental effort of the Government, without a proper brief from the station that another person will be there in the studio as an opposition to what he was there to say, which was so bad of the station to have smuggled Franklyn Isong into the station to sit along with the commissioner for discussion, which was not the brief the commissioner got.

Thank God for the commissioner who stood his ground, and refused to be ambushed by this bloody APC journalist, but he Franklyn decided to bring that matter of what the commissioner said online, to rubbish the government, but unknowingly to him, he was making a mockery and a fool of himself and his paper that has lost taste and focus. I can’t even read such a paper even if it were to be given for free, because it is being paddled with lies, greed and deep hatred.

Imagine Franklyn abusing somebody’s wife Mrs Glory Akpan, a woman for that matter online, just because she was trying to defend her Boss and the government against his lies and paid propaganda.

When i heard that he is an APC journalist supporting or working for Obong Nsima Ekere, i weep for APC, because somebody like Franklyn Isong is the reason Mr. Nsima Ekere and APC is having divers problems.

Sometimes i ask, how does Franklyn sleep with all these lies and hatred about the state government and Governor Udom Emmanuel ?

When will Franklyn Isong ever go to the radio station or post on social media about the inaugurations of projects in AKSU by the Governor, like the digital language library, a commercial farm palm oil mill, a commercial farm feeds mill, vegetable screen house, ultra modern Mass Communication studios and a standard performance arts theatre, where even the Vice chancellor was very happy,and is on record.

Is it the Emergency intervention on gully erosion ravaging the School of Nursing, Anua, Uyo by direct labour of the Udom’s administration?

I think it to be an height of hypocrisy if Franklyn Isong fails to use his position as a journalist, who is suppose to be a watch dog of the society to talk about the government efforts in, construction of 3.5km Ikot Udom road with 15m span Bridge in Ibiono Ibom Local Government Area, Construction of 5km Ikot Usop-Ikot Edeghe-Ikot Ekpuk Road with 30m span bridges in Mkpat Enin Local Government, construction of the 5km-Mkpok-Okat Road in Onna Loca Area, Emergency work in the completion of outfall and urban roads in Oron, Reconstruction of knocked down 33km:Inter-Town connec (ITC) to Oron at Ifa Atai etc.

Some people after reading this piece will think that am been paid to write this, which is not true, but it is my mind am saying, this type of journalism practice needs a second look and be avoided by all, infact this is indeed a story of a shameless and heartless journalist.

Rev’d Richard Peters’ Independent opinion and writes in from Eket. or 08080602197 whatsapp only.

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