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The major qualities of good Parliamentarian are their powers of advocacy and speaking skills. He must be an eloquent and experienced speaker, who has a proper knowledge of the country’s Laws, and is sufficiently broad minded and has storming words to invoke an acceptance of his motions and advocacies.

Crown Prince Emmanuel Nicholas is a composite of all these values. A Law graduate, from the National Open University of Nigeria , he is a prominent writer on contemporary social and political affairs, and is a guest analyst on many Television and radio programmes with a compelling voice command .

A Parliamentarian must have high standard of integrity and should be a learned eye of the public. He must be very influential, gaining the people’s confidence easily. A Parliamentarian should be very precise and expressive. He Should be verbally able to bring the important points very briefly and clearly in plenary.

Being a good communicator is a treasure of a legislator, because he or she must be bold and articulate. This is the reason we tagged Mr Nicholas Mr communicator, Apart from these qualities, A legislator should have good feeling for humanity.

Crown Prince Emmanuel Nicholas is a man with vocal power and the spirit of activism, which are the prime virtues of a parliamentarian. This is why Emmanuel Nicholas is the best Aspirant for the Uruan State Constituency seat in the upcoming Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Primaries .

Going by hindsight, the people do not have enough confidence and trust in the government or that the reforms will benefit them. The people do not believe that the benefit of reforms put in place by government is for them, but assume that, this is another avenue for unscrupulous government officials and politicians to use as avenue to loot and plunder public investment and thereby transfer state wealth to a few individuals.

However, representatives of the people can bridge the trust deficit and inspire the peoples confidence in government through legislative interface. So Emmanuel Nicholas is an emerging leader who believes Government should be run with utmost honesty , transparency and due process. To this end, he will sponsor bills that will strengthens laws and regulations which guides Government day to day administration so that his constituents can get better amenities.

He will ensure Government is transparent and show the people that the bills he will sponsor , will genuinely benefit the people, and citizenry will be involved early in policy formation or reformation.

Crown Prince Emmanuel Nicholas will do so perfectly well , bringing the people closer to the government , collapsing the gap between the government of Akwa State and her people by highlighting ,educating and re-orientation of the mind-set of the citizenry to see the positive impact of each government project and polices on their lives .

A legislator must be a go-getter personality with good temperament that demonstrates energetic initiative and creative demeanour will enable the officer to champion fresh ideas and worthwhile programmes that are implementable to the advantage of the government.

Amiability, resourcefulness and openness without necessarily being frivolous, are the additional qualities that can enable him or her to attend to any inquiry and situation with ease, without giving wrong signals to the public. And these are the attributes of crown Prince Emmanuel Nicholas

As a perfectionist, Mr Emmanuel Nicholas goes for the best, when it comes to any medium, he wishes to use to project the government policies and programmes, he represents.

He is a Tv programme director, printer, Editor, broadcaster, Tv producer, Voice Over Artiste, Musician and writer. if he employs any of these professionals to work on any project, which objective is to promote Akwa Ibom government, he will demonstrate practically and skilfully, how and what he expects from such a professional, and you may repeat the production ten times, until he is satisfied with the output.

He does not settle for less in quality, but goes for the best, wherever the location he sends you to work, he will be there physically because he does not compromise standard.

Prince Emmanuel Nicholas possess all the skills needed for the job. Naturally, he is a born advocate , whose skills are magical, when it comes to business of compelling Government to bring development to his area. The Construction of Anua – Mbak –Issiet Road and construction 3 new class room blocks and reconstruction of four class Room block in Idagha Secondary School , in Nung Oku Uruan is a typical example .

Mr Nicholas is not a cultist , but a good Christian who believes in the sanctity of Jesus Christ ,his Lord and savior. He recognizes that power comes from God and he will become the House Member through his perfect grace .

Many people may be wondering why PDP as a party insists on Zoning. Ostensibly, power-sharing solutions are designed to marry principles of democracy with the need for conflict management in deeply divided societies. Power sharing involves a wide array of political arrangements — usually embodied in constitutional terms — in which the principal elements of society are guaranteed a place, and influence, in governance.

So the Zoning of the House of Assembly seat in Uruan to Central Uruan is a clear case of justice. That power sharing is desirable, will ensure peace in Uruan and remains necessary, as an immediate exit to deadly conflicts, especially those fought in the name of regional identity.

I see Prince Emmanuel Nicholas sworn in as the House Member representing Uuran State constituency come 2019. He is a superior brand that surpasses the rest. He is an unstoppable product, and is accepted across all the clans and Political groupings that make up Uruan Local Government Area .

Yes! if you want to look at the word integrity , then you are looking at Mr Emmanuel Nicholas, he is a man without blemish.

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