DSS & the Runway Judges  


since all the lawyers have decided to run away, I will be there to defend them and this is how I will begin:

ME: my lord temporary and spiritual, my three clients were captured in a commando style operation which was conducted with smart intelligence reports and if not that the SWAT teams were involved, these judges whom must have taken testimonies from high level criminals would have practicallized some of the actions they have heard in court.

 On the issue of locking them up, I am not asking for their bail but to transfer them to Kuje so as to meet the likes of KANU, Dasuki and other innocent Nigerians whom they have not allowed to defend themselves in their courts. Let them use this opportunity to interact with them and have a first hand experience of the hardship innocent people face when they throw their case files around and grant shabby judgements in favour of a wicked government.
My Lord temperament and spiritism, on the issues of the N270m recovered from the three, I put it to you that this country, omni sati omni parabus, zoological in action and thoughts wants to collect the money the SGF stole from cutting grass at an IDP camp,if not my carpenter perfect counsel should explain the coincidence in amount. 
But I want to add inter alia, my co counsel Reno Omokiri said i should ask, If a serving soldier can own a house in Dubai worth millions, what is the big deal if three serving judges together have ₦270 million (assuming it is true)? This amount is less than the cost of the Dubai house. 
Between a Supreme Court justice and a general who earns more? Only a fool saves his money in a Nigerian bank under Buhari when Naira can be ₦300 to $1 one month and ₦500 to $1 the next. The natural thing any wise man would do is convert his savings to a more secure currency like dollars. And then when the CBN makes arbitrary policies that stop you from paying in dollars into your account or paying huge fees if you do, where do the government expect you to keep your money?

My lord temperature and espiritus, it on this grounds that I will quote KANU vs DSS (2015), FFK vs EFCC (2016) and Dasuki vs NTA, EFCC, MTN, AIT,AIDS, IDP etc (2015) which states and I quote, even if my clients gets bail and fulfills the bail conditions, they are a threat to tyranny and dictatorship and therefore should not be granted bail rather transfer the case to another court, if no court accepts them…take them to sharia court!!! As the tyrant pleases!!!

THE CARPENTRY JUDGE: Counsels, take a date…

ME: I won’t be free until 2019, please let the next adjoin date be 30th May 2019.

CARPENTRY JUDGE: The case has been adjoined till after 2019 handover ceremony!

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