APC Chieftain Dumps Party: ** Asks APC to apologize for misleading Nigerians


More troubles for the All progressive Congress (APC) as thousands of its members have dumped the party due to its ineptitude in governance and failed promises.
The latest in the series of people who have dumped the APC is one of the party’s stalwart, Mr. Emmanuel Charlie from Mbiaso 5 in Nsit Ibom LGA who held several key positions in APC before quitting the party due to personal reasons.
In his resignation letter made available to the press, Mr. Charlie regretted ever identifying with the APC because of its failed promises and inexplicable calamity. He asked the APC to apologize to Nigerians for misleading the people and for having no regards to the rule of law in the country and the party’s constitution.
“A party that its leaders have no regards to the rule of law in the country and the party’s constitution where faction and wars emerge at any given time should apologize to Nigerians for misleading them”, Charlie stated.
He further added: “APC came as a party with the pretence of changing the political and economic fortunes of Nigerians. However, what has become of the APC internally and externally is what so many people including me regret ever identifying with the party.”
Mr. Charlie announced his resignation and defection from the All Progressive Congress (APC) and urged all his supporters to remain calm as he will soon introduce them to a party that will work its talk, while urging other Nigerians to be weary of the fake promises of the APC.

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