Marcus Aurelius once echoed:
_When a bunch of known corrupt people unite against one man and spare no effort to ridicule him, blackmail him and attempt to assassinate his character, blindly follow that one man._

This picture painted in choiced words reflect the ordeal of Barr. Mike Igini, the Resident Electoral Commissioner for Akwa Ibom State. Not only has the enemies of progress formed alliance against him to silent him, they have also threatened to kill him physically, psychologically, morally, socially and career- wise.

Again, is it not a lack of focus, fear of defeat, confusion, ignorance of the rules of the game and deliberate hatred that would make a player to leave the ball and attack the referee? For months now, I have made series of researches to comprehend why the APC would leave their target to attack Mike Igini. Findings showed that the APC had invited Igini to a meeting abroad, which he(Igini) turned down, he has been approached to help them change the election results, which he conscientiously refused. Several threats had been made on his life, 3 attempts by the presidency to redeploy him failed, paid protest, fictitious petitions and blackmails against him also failed because the God of justice stood by him, but he chose not to stand on the way of God and the people for the sake of justice, even if that would cost his life.

Ever since the allegations on their evil intentions to induce Igini with money, threat to his life and change the result were made. They couldn’t debunk it because it is nothing but the reality of what they were doing.

I have met several persons in this generation, but the Iginis are very few. Those who would stood their grounds for the sake of fairness, justice, equity and honesty are rare to come by. Yet, we don’t value the few we have.

Even Lucifer knows that Igini was sent by Jehovah to start and finish the Divine work of peace and justice in Akwa Ibom State. Hence, every attempt for his replacement was met with brick walls.

Paid protests have be made, petition letters have been written, verbal attacks have been launched, smear campaigns have been carried out, several attempts by the presidency to redeploy him, yet the will of God was established. Could this not be a great lesson to the APC?

Channeling hatred towards Barr. Igini is not the solution. Accusing him for their woes is laughable, because even babies in the womb knew that Akwa Ibom APC were not prepared to win rather they relied on federal might, imported thugs, dynamite explosion and foreign currencies, while the PDP were seen doing campaigns from State to unit level. PDP took the day because they followed the rules of the game, this is simple arithmetic.

APC should accept their fate and move on. They should stop crying over spilled milk. The tribunal will not overturn an election that has be adjudged to be fair, free and credible. Facts are available, and INEC has vowed to cooperate with political parties who may need to access the election materials.

I strongly believe that Mike Igini should be commended for his steadfastness, even at a time where integrity is sacrificed on the altar of money and juicy political appointments, and an institution named after him, books should be written about him and passed down to generation yet unborn, just as the APC, PDP and other political parties organized a reception and send forth party for him while in Edo State, courtesy of Adams Oshimhole.

As the earth remains, nothing will happen to Igini. APC should leave Igini and move on. There is no need to expect any miracle or luck in this situation where God is involved. What is happening in Akwa Ibom is confirmation that nothing can change the will of God and that of the people.

Leave Barr. Igini alone

By Richard Peters

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