…. Says They Are Fully In Support Of Their Initiative and Plan on Security

The leadership of a Non Governmental Organisation in Akwa Ibom State whose major aim and objective is partnering with relevant organisations, government and stakeholders to achieve security in our immediate operating environment and ultimately, global peace was today at the office of the Director, State Security Service Office, Uyo to brief the command of the activities of the NGO in order to foster a good and harmonious working relationship with the Organization.

Addressing the command on behalf of the NGO, the Chairman of the group and a solicitor, Barr. Andem Andem expressed delight over the warm reception given to them by the agency. He explained that since security is everybody’s business, it can’t be left in the hands of security operatives alone, reason why they pulled best hands who have vast knowledge and experience as key players in the security business to form and register a State based Organization to assist in contributing valuable inputs into the security management in the State.

Mr. Bassey Udoh, the Secretary of the NGO in his remark, stressed the need to adopting a dynamic approach to security management in the State in view of the rapidly changing development status of the State. As welcoming as such laudable developments are, they not only attract the good but also the bad and the ugly, he said. In view of such mix, he strongly advocates that conscious measures should be taken to keep the security agencies and stakeholders ahead of the equally changing nature of crimes and the activities of criminal elements in our society.

Responding, the Director of SSS, represented by the Deputy Director of Security, Mr I. Bako appreciated the NGO’s vision and commitment to partner with them in keeping our society free from crimes. Mr Bako said that what security needs is synergy among sister agencies and commitment from private citizens without which they cannot succeed. He applauded the Organization and emphasized on the importance of team work.

“Since I came to Akwa Ibom State, this is the first time I am seeing a private organisation coming up to work and assist us, it has never happened before. It’s a good start and you will have our full support”. – I. Bako

Bako pledged to link up with some of their best hands who had worked for the SSS but are retired to join the NGO while also emphasizing dialogue as the best means of achieving greater goal in conflict management.

Those in attendance and members of the Board of Trustees of the NGO include :-
Barr Andem Ndem ( Chairman);
Bassey O. Udoh, DCP rtd, (Secretary);
Nseabasi Akpan, DCP rtd.(member);
Udoma Ekpenyong, ACP rtd.,(member).

Abasiubong Tom, Reporting for Nextreporter.com

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