One of the America’s finest philosophers, Arnold Glasgow once said, “True leadership is the ability to recognize the major problem of the people before it becomes an emergency”. Juxtaposing this illustration with the developmental strides of Gov. Udom Emmanuel, it is imperative to state that His Excellency the governor has been able to agnize the major problem of our people, and that is the yearn for Urban- Rural development.

Akwa Ibom in recent times had been known as a 100% civil service state but today, the story has changed drastically.

Since creation , the State had not witnessed an influx of industries, which in the other hand would aide in eradicating the menace of unemployment in the state. The story has changed with Mr. Udom Emmanuel’s prowess in delivering industrial revolution in the State.

During campaigns, Mr. Udom Emmanuel’s five points agenda which captured industrialization, Poverty alleviation, wealth creation, amongst others have been achieved. He was not found wanting, neither was the campaign promises for change in the economic status of the State turned out to be changed of campaign promises after his two elections. He has kept to his word by bringing into bare 15 working industries in the State, and from informations gathered so far, some are under construction. Oh! What a manner of man is Udom Emmanuel?

The State Chairman, Foreign Direct Investment Committee, Mr. Gabriel Ukpeh, in an interview on Radio few weeks ago disclosed that the government has so far signed over 200 MoUs with prospective investors, but because the administration of Mr. Udom Emmanuel does not celebrate MoUs, the governor is striving painstakingly to ensure these investors swing into positive actions.

Reactivation of abandoned industries is also one of the things the administration of Gov. Udom Emmanuel has taken upon itself. With the revitalization of the Peacock Paint factory in Etinan, has shown that the government of the day is extremely concerned about chanting a new course for the common interest of its people. In due time, poverty and employment will be things of the past.

By Abraham Brown

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