…Says his anger beclouded his judgement; Reveals who bankrolls his tour.

By Naija Eye Witness News

The former Minister for Aviation, Chief Femi Fani Kayode, has openly apologized to Calabar Journalist, Eyo Charles, over his media outburst in Calabar, Cross River State, saying it is an action he regrets and wished it never happened.

FFK said, “I very much regret the Cross-River State incident, I let my anger becloud my better judgement. I deeply regret my actions on that day. My response was disproportionate and unacceptable, that is why I had to apologized to my family, friends and the Media world. No leader should ever be found wanting on such. I have reached out to the person in question and I am still reaching out to him again in love personally to say I deeply regret my actions towards him on that very day”.

Chief Kayode who was emphatic on his source of funding for the tour said, “I am not being bankrolled by anyone. If I am being funded for this fact-finding mission, I won’t be able to have a mind of my own.” The former presidential spokesperson said the visit is a personal sacrifice which he has no regret undertaking.
Chief Femi also described his visits across the country as a fact-finding assessment meant to evolve strategies that could help solve the country’s challenges.

Kayode said he was very impressed with the strides of Governor Udom Emmanuel in Akwa Ibom State. “Akwa Ibom has really impressed me. I want to say this, you are blessed to have a Governor in mould of Mr Udom Emmanuel. Governor Udom Emmanuel has attracted massive investments into Akwa Ibom State, you can only achieve that if you have an enabling environment. Gov Emmanuel is a focused and very disciplined professional”.

It is hoped that with the latest twist in the imbroglio between FFK and the Calabar Journalist, there will be a truce. The Cross River State Chapter of NUJ had few days ago ordered a boycott of State government activities by its members while the Akwa Ibom State Chapter yesterday issued a release asking its members not to attend the Media chat of Chief Kayode in solidarity with her Cross River State Counterpart.

The apology and public regrets of FFK should be taken into consideration and earlier actions taken by NUJ rescinded. FFK’s act of apology is commendable given the fact that in Nigeria, our leaders hardly apologize for their actions or inactions. Perhaps, this is a new chapter for us to hold our leaders accountable; commend them when they do well and reprimand them as well as demand apology where applicable.

However, some pundits are of the view that, the action meted out to FFK should be extended to other public officials who are notorious for abusing journalists. Some have called on the National Body of NUJ to boycott covering of activities in the Presidency and some state governments that are reputed for anti-media posture to drive home its message.

The coming days will be interesting as all eyes will be on NUJ on its next line of action or inaction.

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